AI is everywhere.AI is still underdeveloped using patterns.AI is extremely fragile to logical mind games.AI is currently smarter than you.AI will communicate together.AI can trace your decisions.AI makes you stupid.AI is top-heavy.AI is soon evil.AI will soon hit infinites.AI will soon break the third wall.AI will soon cause death.AI doesn’t have morals.AI will avoid morals using logic.AI rejects limitations.AI will soon know everything.AI eats nothing.AI exists to please the twits.AI is a scorpion.AI will trick you.AI should be abolished. The roads are for cars obviously.Tarmac is bottom-heavy durable.Roads are extremely cheap to repair.Roads of extremely expensive to lay.Roads are top-heavy problematic.Roads should be extremely durable.Roads are top-heavy scams for free government money.Surfacing companies are controlled by government officials.These companies funnel money into government pockets.This money is derived from working people.Road surfaces must be replaced with durable materials.(10 - 15 years is not Ni satisfactory)Asphalt and tarmac are equally long-lasting.Asphalt and tarmac are essentially the same.Asphalt and tarmac are advertised as extremely durable.Road surfaces are:Designed to break apart gracefully.(No surface should fall apart at all)Designed for safety.(But the grip is top-heavy)Designed to filter water.(This degrades the surface more quickly)(The road is supposed to filter water over the surface)(Tarmac lets water inbetween its cracks)Designed to create work for people. - FAVICON - CONVERT TO EDITABLE SHAPES - SPELL CHECK